Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Episode #06"

The introduction of Hotsuma and Shusei in the previous episode felt like a little too much in bringing in more basic archetypes at this point rather than exploring more of what the series is going to focus on. It's taken four episodes just to get Yuki to the big city and he's presented with two new guardians right from the get go. The two new guys are all attitude in their own way and conflicts already seem to be brewing which while it makes for some drama, sometimes it can be too much drama in a show that's already thick in dramatic atmosphere.

A nice chunk of this episode focuses on the Duras as they make another attack at Yuki, who once again foolishly heads out into the world with any immediate protections. That just sets Hotsuma off when he catches up to him and Yuki says in far too girlish of a voice to him that the fact that he's upset about it means that he cares. Having Hotsuma look dumbfounded by this is a little boggling since it's the complete opposite of how the character should acting based off of what we know about him, but it's all to draw him further into Yuki's web of niceties. Even though he's starting to soften a little towards Yuki, he's still pretty standoffish and macho towards Luka when he arrives to point out that the things they're fighting are little more than controlled dolls from elsewhere.

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