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ok so the end of BSG was 150,000 years ago the thing that really annoys me is that the people who came to earth left no trace. No one knows where they came from, the history, the technology.It would have been better for them to have 2 groups those that wanted to stay and turn there backs on technology and those that didn't. The second group could have went to Mars maybe? i donno but i cant see all that achievement just being lost and besides if they wanted to brake the cycle they could just have made it law that there would just be no AI built. and the second group could have watched over us?



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Mar 25, 2009 9:18PM EDT

Don't you think the last groups said "No AI"? the point is that they would eventually forget and do it anyway.

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Mar 26, 2009 1:07AM EDT

your right every one knew that they would forget the promise and start technology all over again but as Lee said they want to have a reset, get rid of all technology and start all over again with the hope that things would be different this time. As Red Six (at the end of the finale) put it if an system repeats enough times the outcome will be different, something like that, it all happened before but doesnt have to happen again :)

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Mar 29, 2009 10:09AM EDT

it was rather something like: "...something suprising (/amazing(?)) might occur"; ... <(( and that's crap (at least in the bare manner, it was stated there), by the way! ... at least, it's unscientific, respectively irrational: if you feed an equation with the same data time and time again, time and time again it will result in the same;... "freedom" and "chance" are just a lack of rationality and/or understanding... there's no "hope" for a "better" world: it's a dream, and wrong measure, what lead us to such "unearthly hopes"... nature may find it's balance, but a superior Species (not "race": humanity is not a "race"; to speak of "race" in respect to Humanity is, by means of biology, just nonsense!... "race" is something beneath "species"! - different Races are something still very much intermateable, but not homogeneous!) like the human one, tends to be something more like a virus, or like a chancer-tumor, to be more precise... I mean: look at us!... 6.7billion people - and counting!.... and counting!... and counting!.... war, certainly is not the worst to fear for (taking mass destructive weapons out of the equation...): endless prosperity and a lack of enemy and challenge is far worse (in the end, we destroy the soil, which we feed from)... it also leads to degeneration and(/or/respectively) devolution))>By the way: it hits me as being not very original, to take in the idea, that "we", as the human species, came from outer space: some alien-freaks already claimed that decades ago (not within some Science-FICTION, but for real! - hilarious! - absurd!); but (!!) it was a nice idea, in contrast to the original series! - and a real surprise: to see the moon-surface, and suddenly getting the face of our (!) earth in sight; it was then, that we might have realized, that "earth" it it was called within the series, wasn't really shown - but only the destroyed shape of NY/Brooklyn bridge (am I remembering that wrong?!?) gave us the impression "'earth' is earth!"...that was well done... even though, you may have a point with the undestroyed ships; but then again: cars -for instance- would rot within 50 (? - or even less??) years, if one doesn't take care of them... some rubber and plastics would last the longest... but 150,000 years? - that's quite some time! ... what rather IS hard to take in this direction of thought, is, how big probability would be, for humankind/archaeology, to dig out Hera's bones...

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