Okamisan - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Episode 3"

Okamisan settled things well enough in its first two episodes to introduce the primary characters of Otogi Bank while giving the appropriate nod to the rest. It also worked out the relationship that is plausibly going to develop between Ryoshi and Ryoko by showing just who they both really are when we don't see them. There is something to be said about Ryoshi's highly developed stalker skills, but they've come in hand so far so people are kind of letting that slide. With the methods of the club made clear and the actors on the stage, the show is able to work on expanding its cast a bit and having a spot of fun.

The focus for this one is rather amusing as we start off by seeing Otohime a few years prior when she was younger and less attractive, as she was routinely called fat and given a bad nickname like Turtle. When Taro tells her that she'll win the race yet, as he's able to see her potential even at that age, it gives her the confidence and perseverance to work through it until she can become that beauty of the school. And now at the high school level, she's certainly developed well but still has an issue with her main tormentor, the child-like beauty Usami. Usami's definitely a cruel type of girl in her own way and you can easily see why Otohime has an issue with her, and why others would as well as she's the kind of girl who uses her beauty and appeal for purely selfish reasons and causes plenty of trouble for others. Which is why Otohime asks the Otogi Bank to help her win the beauty contest that's coming up as it has her nickname of Turtle at stake.

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