Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 11 - Review: "Ep 11"

Shades of the first season have been apparent through this one as well and it's coming up again now that the season is close to the end. With the fight against the Neuroi going on as long as it has, the military has been working hard to gain an ultimate weapon to use that will end things once and for all. And as they pursue this, they see them having less and less use for the Witches themselves, which they believe cannot actually end the war and only prolong it, or stave off things until they can get their weapon ready. The weapon that they've come up with also have shades of the first season as they've designed a Neuroi based mechanism into the Yamato battleship that will allow it to destroy the main den of Neuroi in Romagna, which they are close to losing.

With the plan to essentially sacrifice Romagna, a place the Witches recently had a mission in, it impacts them pretty hard as they get really concerned and there's even a bit of crying. But Minna has her own plans she wants to put into effect to try and salvage something here so that Romagna isn't destroyed. In the midst of this decision, Sakamoto faces her own personal crisis as her powers are dwindling ever more, which was expected to happen even earlier because of her use of the sword that eats up a lot of her magic. Her quest to use the sword and master the True Reppuzan, something she talked about before with Yoshika, is what is driving her more than anything else at this point and has pushed her over an emotional edge.

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