Cobra: The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Mandrad"

After the last two episode arc with the mythical mountain that you had to believe to see (so much for seeing is believing), Cobra returns to single episode form once again. And in all honesty, the show can only go up after those two excruciatingly slow episodes that should have been done as a single story. Thankfully, when Cobra does dabble in the standalone episode format it seems to work better as it's more concise and lets Cobra simply do his thing and move along. This episode does just that as it shows another corner of the galaxy and its oddness with a fair mix of death and sexuality brought into it.

Cobra ends up back at one of his favorite bars with a particular hottie in a hat he hasn't seen in an age but it's short lived as there's someone else there that wants to see him. It turns out that the woman, Elizabeth Tucker, has put together a small group of people to go to the planet Nazca to search out the seedlings for a plant called the Madrad. It's a really unique plant in that it has real diamonds that grow out of it but the seedlings are rare and tend to happen only once every hundred years. The plants are particularly creepy though as they have humanoid faces on them and the teeth are diamonds. So Cobra has three men assigned to him '" the Eyes, Nose and Ears gang essentially, and they're dropped off on the planet to go into the massive tangled skein of roots to find what they're looking for.

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