Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 6 - Review: "Episode 6"

Strike Witches expanded its universe a bit this season with the introduction of the jet oriented Strike units which are a bit more than the Witches can handle at this point. Sakamoto and her team make a disturbing discovery in this episode about a Neuroi that's essentially like a giant space elevator almost in that it's a thirty-thousand meter pole that's traveling over the countryside at ten kilometers an hour towards its target. With the existing Strike units topping out at ten thousand meters and the core being at the top of this beast, they have to go for some radical approaches, namely using the rocket boosters that will get them up high enough to deal with the Neuroi threat.

Though this is the primary focus of the episode, with the training that goes into effect and discussion about how to deal with it all from a combat perspective, there's also the expected round of character examination as well. This one goes to dealing with Eila a fair bit, as she's showing something of a superior attitude with the others because her trick is that she never uses her shields. With her quick speed and the slight precognitive abilities she has, she's able to see what's going to happen where around her before it does, so she can avoid it easily enough. Having never used her shields, she considers and says outright that anyone that does is inferior to her. Which makes for some ruffled feathers here and there and a sad Yoshika whose main ability is that she's really good at shields.

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