Kurokami - Season 1 - Review: "DVD Part 1"

Based on the manga by Dall-Young Lim and Sung-Woo Park that's been released under its original title of Black God in the US by Yen Press, Kurokami is a twenty-three episode series that deals with characters that are tied together for life when death visits one of them. The manga series is up to eleven volumes as of this writing so the anime won't cover everything by any stretch. Kurokami has a lot of negativity around its release in general, a good deal of which stems from the way it flopped pretty hard in Japan with very low ratings and a very low number of sales for home video. Of course, shows that flop in Japan don't necessarily flop here, so we've gone into this with a pretty open mind for our first viewing.

Kurokami diverges from the manga pretty significantly in a number of ways so having experience with that won't translate strongly here. The series revolves around two characters that come together early on here. The first that we're introduced to is Keita, a high school student living on his own after his mother died. He's a fairly nicely guy, someone who does decently but doesn't stand out and doesn't have a bevy of women vying for his attention. He's going through the motions and he has some help from a friend named Akane who has known him for years but is a bit older and working for a living. She does things like cook him dinner now and then and checks up on him in his apartment.

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