Moyashimon Episode #10 Review

Moyashimon has turned fairly serious for the last couple of episodes as it has dealt with the Hasegawa issue by having her spirited away for a marriage per an agreement with her father. There's some despondence over the fact there seems like there's little they can do to change things and Sawaki is really lamenting the loss of her after finally getting a little closer to finding out who she really is. When Sawaki learns of just how dedicated and into her research she was, it redoubles his feelings of needing to rescue her from this fate. Thankfully, the others in the club feel the same and have a plan.

Said plan includes cross dressing and competition as there is a Miss Agricultural University contest about to kick off where the women participate to show off their agri-skills. There's a lot of different kinds of activities for it and the girls of Itsuki's group all end up working hard together to try and win the prize which will allow them to go to France and rescue her. And Hasegawa certainly does seem like she doesn't want to be there as she looks at everything with memories of home. While she went along with it because of the agreement she made with her father, it wasn't without some reluctance in her heart for things that she has done.

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