Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 20 - Review: "Missing"

With the mini side story of sorts of the island adventure of with, Heroman has a chance to get back to something a bit more normal and not quite so fillerish. While the story had some decent elements to it at times, and bathing suits, it definitely felt like the kind of side story that had little importance overall for a lot of it and very forced. With the relationship that Joey has with the government now, you'd think they'd be used a bit more for figuring out the big important events of the day. And you hope they get to that. Instead, we have a story that focuses on them dealing with missing animals in the southwest US.

Some people are playing it smart though as these missing animals has also led to missing people. Lina's father, already someone who has had it rough during the Skrugg invasion, takes it to the natural destination by not letting Lina go to school or out of the house. Making sure she's safe after all that's happened comes across as, you know, good parenting. It also gives her a good reason for not going on any adventures for the short term since she's stuck in the house. So to compensates, this episode is a bit Holly heavy as she takes on the detective role to try and figure out what it is that's going on with all the cow abductions and the like. Or so her story goes as she gets everyone dressed up and then proceeds to strip herself down to a tiny bikini and spends the day at the beach.

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