Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "Poison Wings Flutter in the Bamboo.."

The opening episode of Nura didn't win me over all that much as it came across as a pretty familiar show and something that definitely had the Shonen Jump kind of stamp to it. The dual aspect of the lead character was an interesting little twist but not one we haven't seen before in other series, some of them done very dramatically. Rikuo's desire to become strong is something that's going to propel him forward, but it's interesting that his night self is a little condescending about the whole thing with what it really means to be strong compared to what Rikuo thinks being strong is all about. Having Nurarihyon being in Lord Zen to help get his point across in a larger sense is certainly a big point towards explaining all of it to young Rikuo.

The arrival of Lord Zen has the household feeling pretty busy and there's all sorts of little situational comedy aspects to it that are kind of dorky but expected. Yuki's serving of tea leads to her dropping the whole tray on him, Rikuo literally freezing up and then her being chewed out by someone else for the whole experience. It's these kinds of familiar (and seemingly required) scenes that are slowing down the show but are here to provide a sense of balance to the more serious parts. With Lord Zen's plans for taking on the role of Third Heir and not so subtly prodding at those who call Rikuo that before he's properly ascended, it's even causing some talk among some of them that it may be worthwhile to secede from the Nura Clan in order to safeguard Rikuo from the coming storm. But that storm may be necessary to hard him as well.

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