I ship all the wrong ships on GA

I sort of posted this on another post but I decided to actually dedicate a thread to this.

I just realized that I am extremely unfortunate when it comes to being a shipper of GA couples.

I don't know why but I always have the tendency to ship the wrong couple on Greys. It is like blatantly obvious that my couples are not endgame (xpt for Burktina), but I can not help but fall in love with them anyway, and then get screwed over in the end (Urghhh):

First it was Burktina,

then Addek (I am not a merder fan at all),

then Maddison,

then Addisex (lol yeah I think I basically ship Addie with anyone, that is how much I loved her),

then Gizzie (I like everyone else did not like the idea of them obviously, but after their closet scene I was sold and became a solid shipper despite my initial horror and denial)

then GeorgeLexie.

Then a tiny bit CO, but I am over that, completely. But see how all my ships have basically sailed and crashed horribly!?

And now I ship CristinaJackson, xpt I know that they won't end up together. :S

lol I don't have the best shipping track record haha!

What is wrong with me?


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