Grey's Anatomy - The Name Of The Game

We open in Joe's bar, where the TV is tuned to a basketball game. Meredith blah-blahs some voice-over stuff about basketball and the game of life, but I cannot possibly pay attention to that because we then pan over to Meredith, sitting on a barstool, doing some of the ugliest knitting I've ever seen in my life. Joe leans over to McDreamy, sitting behind her, and asks, "Is she knitting?" A good question, Joe. She says that she is, but it appears that not. McDreamy slides over and tells her she looks a little weird. Joe claims she can't knit in a bar, and they urge her to have a drink. Mere, still furiously "knitting," says she can't have a drink; she's celibate. Drinking leads to celibacy, you see, and knitting is good for the celibate, so she's making a sweater. Oh, the poor sheep that gave their wool to this crafty abomination are going to be so sad. Mere says again that she's having no more men, and Addison scoots up next to her, all, "No more men? YOU?" Heh. She continues that every guy she meets turns out to be married, or Mark, or...George. McDreamy: "You're making a sweater." MereVO tells us that we play games to make life more interesting, or sometimes, to distract us from what's really going on, and from here we cut to...

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