Moyashimon - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Ep 11"

The gang has been working hard to raise fund and enthusiasm from everyone at the university so they can get to France and rescue Hasegawa from her fate. There is the issue of finding her and determining where in France she is so they can go to her, but there's also one extra little problem; they learn that she's not actually in France but rather is still in Japan at the moment. It's amusing that there was as much build-up to getting there as there was and then it turns out to be a situation like this. Thankfully , they do make it pretty fun even though she's local as she's in an oceanside villa where there is quite a lot of security that they have to figure out how to get past.

While there are probably a number of ideas about how to get through, Sawaki is told that he has to figure out a way to do it using his special ability. Since the bacteria-seeing ability has been sidelined a bit, it's definitely welcome to see that come back into play a bit more here, though I have to admit what amuses me the most in this entire situation is the numerous men in black with their suits and how they act. We see these kinds of characters in anime and manga series all the time, but it's rare to have them in a live action piece and being just as much fun. Similarly, having all the various clubs and university students involved with their varied costumes and outfits provides contrast to it all. So much of what goes on during this attempt to get Hasegawa is really out of the usual anime playbook, but it has a fun charm to it with the CG graphics and the large number of extras.

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