Shiki - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Ep 11"

With the truth of what's going on getting out there as both Natsuno and Toshio have figured things out, Toshio makes the most interesting point when he stops by a local café and hears people talking about things. He says it almost casually, but the idea that when those who die have done so, it's best to cremate them rather than bury them. Considering what the Okiagari have been up to and how new ones are born, few though they may be compared to the number that die, it's certainly one way to try and thin the herd a bit if you're actually aware of what is walking the earth in the middle of the night. Toshio's approach is definitely sound and it leaves an impression, though it also makes it clear that he knows something that hasn't been widely shared yet.

Toshio's discoveries have definitely started pushing him over the edge, though a large part of it comes from the way everything seems to be falling apart around him. He's worked hard for the people of the village and to see them die like this is crushing to his spirit. Now that he has a clue as to what's behind it, he's attacking it like a virus but with a raw edge to it, as he wants to watch the bodies that could turn into the okiagari after their death and to take one that he can experiment on, to find a weakness or a way of saving them. Something to help stop what's happening. It's an interesting mix of his manic nature now that the village is in such trouble with his more pure scientific and logical side. He's gone far enough off the edge that even Seishin is worried about him and the way he's dealing with things.

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