Vampire Hunter D Vol. 12: Pale Fallen Angel - Parts 3 & 4 Novel Review

D and company have finally arrived in Krauhausen, a town which has existed under the jurisdiction of two extremely powerful men. Lord Vlad Balazs looms over the town in his castle, while bordello owner Fisher Lagoon rules the area economically. The group parts company and the characters go their separate ways, not always of their own will.

Byron departs to head straight for his dear mother and put a stop to his father's reign. This proves to be too great a challenge for Lord Vlad, who up until this point was as impervious to death and destruction as D. He's out of commission for most of this volume, which is highly unfortunate as he was one of the more interesting characters in the story.

We're also introduced to three new villains for the story arc: Doctor de Carriole, who is part ancient sorcerer and part mad scientist; and his two favorite henchmen, Chlomo the makeup lover and Sai Fung of the Thousand Limbs. Unlike the quickly dispatched enemies of the last volume, these three are fleshed out and given a proper chance to cause havoc for D and his companions.

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