Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Episode #09"

Senda's show off nature is getting him lots of attention on the mound as he's changing the sides quickly as the coach sets up to show off just how well the varsity team is doing. Since he wants to show off what's going on, he's using Senda instead of his ace pitcher since he wants to let the Portables actually get some hits so the team that's being fielded can get some action and shine. That doesn't work out too well since the first couple of them that are up barely get anywhere even with Senda's fairly average pitching skills. When they switch out sides though, it allows for Ko and Akaishi to get up there and work as the team that they've been for awhile now. Ko's pitching skills suddenly shine as the entire group has been overlooked by the coach.

As the game plays out, there's a fair bit of strategy going on as Akaishi has gained a lot of data on the varsity team through the help Aoba as she spent a fair bit of time pitching against the varsity players. The first inning goes well for Ko and Akaishi as they work through the varsity players while getting a feel for what they can do. Akaishi's working well as a pseudo-coach for the team as he's come up with a good plan for playing both sides of the game. It's even more impressive when you remember that the Portable's have been largely ignored or used as fodder for the varsity team, so that they've done it all by natural skill and their own bootstraps is pretty impressive. Akaishi's voice gives it an interesting relaxed feeling as well when he talks about what's going on and deals with some of the changes to the plan when Ko just does what he wants.

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