Seventeen Bullets?

Let me see, a nine shot automatic? Usually a target pistol will hold the usual six shots. That means someone had to reload it twice. No way that was not premeditated murder in most states if he dies. But, they performed a miracle in surgery and the guy lives, so they don't do anything to the girl or her mom? First, I don't think the child would reload twice and fire into him for seventeen shots. She very calmly says, "I put a lot of bullets into him, why didn't he die?" That is not a well child, not to mention the police are involved in every shooting, so, I claim b*llsh*t on this one since no cop in their right mind would let her walk out of there without sending her for a psych eval at the local nut house. Little kids don't just pick up a gun and shoot their parents and since they live, have everyone say, "OH, OK, never mind, you are real sorry, you didn't know better." Especially when she admitted she expected him to die. That was an admission to attempted murder. I don't care how old you are, they wouldn't let her walk away from that one.


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