Grey's Anatomy - Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: Erin recapped awesomely. Also, Mere slept with George; McDreamy asked Mere to be his new best friend; Izzie developed a crush on a heart patient; and George moved out of Mere's house and into Burke and Cristina's.

So we open, naturally, on poor sad George, who is staring at himself in the bathroom mirror. Mere voice-overs, "As doctors, patients are always telling us how they would do our jobs. 'Just stitch me up, slap a Band-Aid on it, and send me home!'" George looks at himself determinedly, if a little queasily, picks up a pair of fingernail scissors, and starts cutting his hair off. Yes, because making yourself look like you got your hair cut down at the Institute for the Blind...that'll really show Meredith!

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