I never loved a show more than this one.

I watch a lot of TV, a lot of VH1 and MTV mostly, and some series, but none of them compare and none of them are as good as Moonlight. I've read all of Stephanie Meyer's books, and if you don't know, they are about vampires too. So this series is perfect. Its just the right amount of thrill to please, and even for me, a person that does not like horror films, loves this not-so-much horror series, even though it is classified as that. Every episode lures you in and makes you want to keep watching it. At the conclusion of each episode, you keep on wanting more! This show is amazing and I reccommend it to everyone! Even if you don't like vampires or the supernatural, this show is superb and you should watch it! Too bad there are only 5 stars in a rating because I would have given it a million. So instead of sitting here reading this review, go watch some Moonlight! You wont regret it!


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