HAVEN ''The Trial of Audrey Parker'' Review Season 1, Episode 11

A poker game with two mysterious men, Ezra and Tobias, leads to Duke, Julia, Audrey, and Special Agent Howard being trapped on Duke's boat in the The Trial of Audrey Parker episode of HAVEN. Agent Howard arrives to confront Audrey about her lack of contact, interrogating her to determine whether he should let her stay in Haven. After locking Agent Howard and Audrey in the stateroom and Duke and Julia in the cargo hold, Ezra and Tobias look for a box Duke is delivering and Ezra finally finds it using some cool Jedi mind tricks on Duke. Fortunately, Audrey is two steps ahead and has an assist from both Duke and an on-shore Nathan.

So, it was the sheriff who wanted Audrey in Haven. Has he been keeping tabs on her all her life? Very sneaky to maneuver her into quitting the FBI to commit to Haven, but the sheriff does know her very well. Why exactly is that? Ezra and Tobias didn't cause the crack on the boat, so what did? The plot thickens and I like it.

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