THE GOOD GUYS ''Vacation'' Review Season 1, Episode 10

Dan's blind driving of a commandoed car while pursuing a purse snatcher lands him-and Jack because he didn`t strangle Dan-a suspension in the Vacation episode of THE GOOD GUYS. Jack takes the opportunity for some time away from Dan, while Dan keeps being Dan and borrows $50,000 from the narcotics division to save Julius from a surprisingly nice loan shark (when he isn't flashing his knife, at least). This being Dan, the money naturally goes to a crooked warden so a giant prisoner (Sasha,the ray of light in a dark world) can be broken out of prison.

Spicy, spicy in my eyes! Excellent chase to start off the episode, complete with Dan's Mr. Magoo driving and The Who's Baba O'Riley. This show can be such silly, unadulterated fun. It's the little moments I love-Dan's tribute to himself, learning Hodges has dreams of Ruiz giving him a bubble bath, the milk shake. It doesn't smell like he's been here recently makes me giggle, as does Dan's stretching as he gets ready to do things the hard way.

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