Bones jumps the shark but still has style

From dailyherald

"Bones" returns for its fourth season Wednesday and immediately jumps the shark, then continues on its effortless way gliding like a graceful water-skier along the shore, oblivious to any and all dangers.

No TV series should make it look as easy as "Bones" does, but it does.

"Bones" stars the lovely Emily Deschanel and the hunky David Boreanaz as Dr. Temperance Brennan and FBI agent Seeley Booth. Thrown together as a crime-solving team - matching the scientist Brennan as a "logical empiricist" with the detective Booth as an "intuitive humanist," as Brennan herself puts it pithily in Wednesday's season premiere - they've developed a mutual respect, but more than that a simmering sexual tension that fuels the show's drama.....



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