Daily Diversion: "Pineapple Express" Makes Huey Lewis Cool Again

Between the New Kids on the Block recording a new tune with New Edition, and Devo threatening to sue McDonald's over a "Whip It"-like Happy Meal toy, '80s musical acts are back with a vengeance. The latest blast from the past? Singer/songwriter/occasional actor Huey Lewis. More than a quarter of a century after scoring big with his album "Sports" and tracks like "Heart of Rock and Roll" (and "Back in Time" from the "Back To the Future" soundtrack), Huey Lewis is looking officially cool again.

Last year, the singer/songwriter was asked by actor Seth Rogan to record a "Power of Love"-esque ballad for the latter's stoner comedy "Pineapple Express." The result, which is the movie's title song, was released today on the film's MySpace and Facebook pages. (To get a sense of the tone, check out the chorus: "We got in trouble, we got to get out of here. / I've got you, you've got me. / We are as high as we can be. / That's all right. / How did we get into this mess? / Pineapple Express!")

Nostalgic film bloggers immediately started salivating over the tune. (They have apparently forgiven Mr. Lewis for 2000's karaoke disaster, "Duets"). The blog I Watch Stuff said the song was "amazing," Cinematical dubbed the tune "knee-quivering awesomeness," Film School Rejects said the song represented "awesome brilliance," and Stereogum called today a "special day." SpoutBlog used the occasion to take a look at 50 years' worth of "plot songs," and over at Slashfilm, commentators praised Lewis as "the man" and "superfly."

Judge the tune for yourself at MySpace or Facebook both links are streaming versions of Mr. Lewis's new song.


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