Smallville: Will Jimmy and Chloe Get Married?

The finale of Smallville's seventh season was jam-packed with a lot of cliffhangers, and surprisingly not one of them involved Chloe being presumed dead. Instead, everyone's favorite computer genius was arrested by the Department of Domestic Security after Lex turned her in for hacking into government databases. In a supreme case of bad timing, Jimmy proposed to Chloe (Allison Mack) right before the agents burst in, then was left hanging without an answer as she was dragged off in handcuffs. It was a potentially romantic moment gone horribly awry.

Though fans still have months to wait before Smallville's eighth season premiere, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello recently revealed what's in store for Chloe's love life. Read on if you want to know how she responds to Jimmy's proposal.

While Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana's relationship will likely hit a snag next season now that Kristin Kreuk has left the show, the romance between Chloe and Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) will continue to blossom. Ausiello reports that Chloe says yes to Jimmy's proposal, thus setting the stage for a possible wedding later in the season. However, things are likely to get complicated before the couple can walk down the aisle. Chloe will also find herself interested in charming paramedic Davis Bloome, whose alter ego is the villainous Doomsday. Be prepared for a love triangle.

While I'm not thrilled by the prospect of a love triangle, which seems to be required for every series on television, I'm happy to learn that Chloe and Jimmy will be continuing with their relationship. They're easily the most adorable couple on the series, and I have faith that they'll end up married before the show leaves the airwaves. We need a happy ending for at least one couple, and it's not likely for Clark and Lana due to the rules laid out by Superman lore.

Fans can check out the continuation of Jimmy and Chloe's romance when Smallville season 8 premieres September 18 on the CW.


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