Heroes: A 'Veronica Mars' Reunion?

Casting has been rampant for the new season of Heroes as the show prepares to pack the screen with new foes for the heroes to face in Volume 3: Villains. Most recently it was announced that Babylon 5 actor Bruce Boxleitner is joining the show, likely as a politician, while Friday Night Lights actress Brea Grant has come on to play a speedy bad girl named Daphne. Both characters are expected to be villainous.

Also added to the line-up of villains: Veronica Mars actor Francis Capra, who was announced today to be joining Heroes in its third season.

Veronica Mars fans know Francis Capra as the lovable if trouble-making Weevil, Veronica's tie to the streets. On Heroes, he will reportedly be playing an evil character named Jesse who crosses paths with Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia).

What this means for Veronica Mars fans is that we might get a Veronica and Weevil reunion, if the Heroes writers see fit to indulge us. Though it is not entirely confirmed if the new season will feature Kristen Bell, who once played the titular character on Veronica Mars and last season portrayed electrifying Elle on Heroes, we're hoping to see Elle and Jesse cross paths and duke it out superhero style, if only for old time's sake.

Regardless, it will be good to see Francis Capra back on our TV screens. Due to his particular look, Capra tends to be cast as a guy from the streets more often than not–in fact, the last time we saw him he was on Friday Night Lights portraying a thuggy bad influence to his character's friend, Santiago. I don't expect his role on Heroes to be much different. Despite the typecasting, this time there's a good chance Capra will have a cool superpower to show off in addition to his natural machismo. So far the Heroes producers are keeping what those exact powers may be top secret, but we'll find out soon enough once Volume 3 gets into full swing.

Heroes returns to NBC on September 22 with a one hour clip show at 8pm followed by the explosive two hour premiere at 9pm.



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