Spoilers For Smallville Season 8!

Tess has the last name of "Mercer," and Davis Bloome (formerly thought to be a bartender) will now be a paramedic, as revealed in an official press release. The roles will be played by Sam Witwer and Cassidy Freeman.

Lex will have disappeared and will be presumed dead.

- Don't be surprised if Ollie is back as early as the season premiere (perhaps to break Chloe out?)

Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow) will be returning to Smallville as a series regular.

- Kristin Kreuk will be appearing in "6 or 7 episodes" with the exact number yet to be determined.

- Erica Durance is contracted for her usual amount of 12-13 episodes as Lois; however, this number can be increased to more if Lois is needed for more.

Laura Vandervoort (Kara) will not be a series regular in Season 8. However, she may return for a few episodes.

It is likely that Lex will simply be "missing" as the new season begins. In his place the new character "Tess" will be looking over his assets. Producers hope to get Michael Rosenbaum back for guest shots; whether or not they will be successful at getting him remains to be seen.

- If Laura Vandervoort does not return as a series regular, it is likely that Kara will remain in the Phantom Zone until she can be rescued.

- Phil Morris may be returning as the Martian Manhunter in Season 8, and James Marsters has expressed interest in more appearances as Brainiac.

- TV Guide is reporting that, since his new pilot Austin Golden Hour did not go to series, Justin Hartley could be returning in Season 8 as Green Arrow.

TV Guide is now reporting that Allison Mack will indeed be back next year for all 22 episodes of the season.

Tom Welling, Aaron Ashmore, and Erica Durance are all returning for Season 8, and Kristin Kreuk will be back for at least a few episodes, but not all of them.

Laura Vandervoort, who was at one time considered a "lock" for next season, is conspicuously not on the Season 8 cast list.




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Apr 27, 2016 12:24PM EDT

Don't want to put down anyone's hopes but some of these spoilers aren't actually true according to the folks at kryptonsite. But some are true and that's good. :)

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Jun 26, 2008 5:48PM EDT

well what we know for sure is, that Green Arrow will be a regular, Lana will a make a few(but not many) appearences, Kara may get a few, but its only a handfull. And yes, Chloe is back for the season.i wish people would stop being such Doomsday fans (no pun intended) for the next season, they just either need to watch or forget about it!!!

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