No More 'Smallville' After Season 8?

The seventh season of Smallville will continue in just a few weeks, to the excitement of avid fans who have followed the show since it debuted in 2001. Talks for another season are already ongoing, but there is a possibility that the series will not go beyond an eighth edition.

“We would all very much like a season 8, and that, in our minds, would be the last season,� creator Al Gough told iF Magazine.

However, Gough also said that fans can still sway the decision of the producers, especially if the series continues to perform well in the ratings.

When Smallville does return for its eighth and potentially final season, viewers will have to say goodbye to some of the characters, or at the very least, get used to not seeing them regularly on the show. It has already been reported that Michael Rosenbaum, who plays Clark Kent's (Tom Welling) best-friend-turned-worst-foe Lex Luthor, will not return for season 8. Additionally, Gough told iF Magazine that Annette O'Toole, who plays Martha Kent, is no longer part of the regular cast. Kristin Kreuk will also not be returning full-time.

Fans of Rosenbaum need not fret though, as Gough revealed that they are thinking of bringing the 35-year-old actor back.

“We hope to bring Michael back for one more season after this one in some capacity,� Gough said.

Considering how well Smallville does in the ratings, I'd imagine that the network would love to have it back beyond an eighth season if possible. The CW's recent attempts to launch other sci-fi/fantasy programs, such as Reaper, haven't met with much success. The network needs a big name hit in order to survive, and Smallville provides exactly that.

However, while the network would love to keep the cash cow alive for years, there are creative concerns that they have to consider. With some of the actors already jumping ship, and Tom Welling's contract up at the end of season 8, it's possible they may have to bring the show to a close. It's going to be weird enough to watch Smallville without Lana and Lex around full-time, so let's hope they wrap up the series before Clark is mysteriously disappearing for half the season.




Default avatar cat
Jun 11, 2008 12:45PM EDT

KEEP SMALLVILLE ALIVE!!no...the show will be fine w/out Lana!!maan...i reeeally hope that it keeps going!! its the best show on TV!! it needs more seasons!!!

Large 1340352663 digital dragonfly
Jun 11, 2008 3:59PM EDT

the show will be fine with out Lana, Lex and Chloe. The show will be fine with new and out with the old. If smallville ends with season 8 then I hope the creators make the season finale the best and it makes sense it end it there. otherwise make a season 9 so all smallville fans will be happy.

Default avatar cat
Jun 11, 2008 4:58PM EDT

The show wont be the same without Tom weiling in it....if he leaves whats the point of watching it with a new person playing superman...

Default avatar cat
Jun 11, 2008 11:32PM EDT

uh isnt this all old news?
ps. i hate captcha

Default avatar cat
Jun 13, 2008 11:22AM EDT

it's a good series, but i think they should just quit before it gets boring. they should quit while they're ahead.

Default avatar cat
Jun 13, 2008 1:10PM EDT

yup... old news alright.... they should show more of Kara instead of green arrow in the upcoming season.

Default avatar cat
Jun 13, 2008 8:50PM EDT

this is stupid...smallville won't be smallville without lana,lex and clark...just think about it...this is like, "a cake can't be a cake without its icing"...if you know what i mean..!!!? =(

Default avatar cat
Jun 14, 2008 9:28PM EDT

would still watch it but it won't be the same without lex and lana

Default avatar cat
Jun 15, 2008 12:39PM EDT

it wont be the same without lex..i mean, seriously, LL vs. CK...its becomin my fav episodes ever, all season 7!i can deal with lana leavin, tho im not a lana-hater...

Default avatar cat
Jun 15, 2008 1:54PM EDT

i think the smallville series is excellent, it has moments of stupidity but generally well made. the whole idea of having lana stick around till series 7 was big enough deal... its time for her to disappear..... the on and off again plot is crap. Chloe 'the oracle' sullivan.... what happened to barbara gordon the DC's true oracle.....needs to go. Lex.... !! good idea that they introduced him as clark's buddy turned nemesis..... but we need a gap.... we need a new evil... darksid!!! Smallville has the potential to go beyond Kansas.... they can re-introduce 'superman the series'.... yeah wishful thinking.... They should renew Tom W's contract... cos he is crap on the big screen.... plus i want to see the clark and lois story take off.... !!! thats just my 2 penny's worth

Default avatar cat
Jun 15, 2008 2:08PM EDT

My friend and I had a crazy idea that after the last season of smallville they should make a spinoff titled Metropolis... if you get what I mean

Large 1350206048 imag0434
Jun 15, 2008 6:25PM EDT

I dont know As much as I love smallville... I own seasons 1-6 and will buy 7... I really think its time to wrap up... it uh is getting a little dumb plus they are already pushing the lois clark couple and the whole lex nemisis plot is getting too close (well actually lex never figures out that superman is clark or vice versa like what happens in the show... at least to my knowledge.. and I dont see how they can fix that major error to the plot) and clark is practically out of school and pretty much at the point of moving out of smallville... in other words based on what myself and my dad know about superman they have all ready started wrapping up shop this 7th season and will continue to fine tune the details in the 8th... but thats just my opinion...

Large 1350206048 imag0434
Jun 15, 2008 6:26PM EDT

by school i meant college

Default avatar cat
Jun 24, 2008 11:22AM EDT

well, i dont mind Kara as the character...but i hate that laura vandervoot woman...seriously cant act but that's just me...
yea, most likely they will hvta wrap up but its sad...for me and other smallville fans, we'll just hvta keep returning to old seasons to satisfy ourselves of watching superman's youth years! soo saad!!!but u guys r right, its about time...n they've just messed up the superman plot too much to keep goin in any sane direction towards superman...

Default avatar cat
Jun 26, 2008 5:20PM EDT

blah blah blah, season 8 was shit, yeah yeah yeah...
at the end of the day, the link is there, no one says you have to click it!!!!!
if you dont like what you see, dont watch it. the people who still watch it, (like myself) get really annoyed about the people constantly bitching about it.
its a simple choice, watch it or not.
the creators are obviously not following the same lines as the films or other TV series...they have a free rein, they can do what they see fit, so theres no point saying they shouldnt do this or shouldnt do that!!!they are allowed to do what they like, its their program!!!DEAL WITH IT, OR DONT WATCH IT!!!!!

Default avatar cat
Jul 30, 2008 6:04AM EDT

They should end it at season 8 but make a spin off of the show with him becoming Superman and just have written the way smallville that would be good because they have no were else to go they are pushing a lot of things and just ending i would leave people with questions

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