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Title of First Episode Season 8 SMALLVILLE




| 17:45 EDT, 06 Jul, 2008
i just hope that season 8 continues to live up to the others. but without lex and lana its gonna be hard.
| 19:54 EDT, 24 Jun, 2008
Oops... i posted in the wrong forum :( sorry im new to this.. .lol
| 19:53 EDT, 24 Jun, 2008
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WATCHED Season 6 Episode 11!!! Seeing the 5 of them walk out of that building while it blew up sent SHIVERS down my spine...... GOSH.... that was the COOLEST episode.. and to think I was looking forward to Lana finding out Clarks secret in PROMISE... ugh... Gosh, I really hope they continue to work as a team in later episodes...... Ive still got the rest of season 6 and 7 to watch but I realllly cant see any of those episodes comparing to this!!! It made me feel like I was watching it all again for the first time! AWESOME! :)

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