I can't believe that they canceled this show, it was the best show out. I don't know why or how but CBS needs to get this show back, or some other network needs to bring Unit Back, I was hooked on this show, I'm currently overseas I'm in the Navy and I know at least 200 people in my command who watch this show, The only thing is that we downloaded and I've bought all 3 of the first seasons on Amazon, I just can't believe it was Canx



Default avatar cat
Jun 8, 2009 7:18AM EDT

Yeah I know how you feel, however I live in the U.K and I've only ever known a whole three people who watch this show, but thats because its shown on Virgin. Hows anyone meant to watch the show if no one knows it exsists.

Default avatar cat
Jun 26, 2009 12:23PM EDT

Seriously, This show was so under-rated. I loved it! It was so intense and there was realistic character development. CBS is jsut stupid.

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