i'm not too sure

i am kinda new to this whole thing, but how do i actually watch the new episodes, i created an account and i want to watch smallville. how do i do it?



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Feb 26, 2010 2:30AM EST

Yo're probably figured it out by now but I'll explain anyway.
*First you need to go to the tv show's page, which you obviously have done as you posted this on Smallville's page.
*Then you scroll down to whichever season you want to watch and click on it. This should reveal all of the episodes available within that season.
*Click on the episode you wish to watch and then click on the highlighted link at the bottom of that episode's description that says "Search for links for Season [X] Episode [X]".
*Having clicked on that you'll be brought to a page with a few links (around 6) and a button below them that says "View All [XX] Links".
*Click this button and the page will become bigger showing you a list of all of the links. Each of these links will be a link to a website that either has the video you're looking for or to a website that has more direct links to the video you're looking for (obviously depending on the link).
*Once you've clicked on the link it'll bring you to another sidereel page that should have the name and number of the episode and season you're trying to watch as well as the link that you just clicked in a box.
*Click the link again and you'll be taken to the website you chose. With a little luck and some experience in knowing good links you'll be watching high quality shows on the internet in no time.
Hope this helps :)

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Feb 26, 2010 2:57AM EST

Um... accidentally wrote "Yo're" as the first word. Dunno why as it's not a word and it would be the wrong word to write to start off with if I had spelt it right in the first place.So here:

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