Culminative Glory

This week's episode (Bride) was truly significant in all respects. In all previous seasons, Clark has been at odds with his Kryptonian identity, and with his destiny on earth. Slowly, though, he has come to realize the power he has to instill hope in the people of earth, and has accepted the task of protector and savior. However, though Clark has made certain strides in his heroic development, he has a great many challenges ahead, and may have entered the darkest period of his life thus far. Brainiac has stolen from Clark his Fortress, his father, and his friend/ally, Chole, and has unleashed an enemy unlike any he has faced -- one capable of killing him. If these challenges are not enough, it appears that Lex is still alive. So Clark stands before many enemies (Brainiac, Doomsday, Lex), with few friends behind him.

This was an important episode, because Clark continues to be pushed toward the destiny we know awaits him. Soon Clark's war with his enemies will be taken to the streets, as Doomsday will surely seek him out. When this happens Clark will be forced to confront him -- even in view of everyday citizens -- thus causing Clark to make the break between small-town farmer boy and Kryptonian savior fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way.


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