Season 6

Does anyone notice that Buffy's tone of voice has changed after the whole resurrection thingy? or maybe I'm just talking crazy


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May 1, 2008 4:01AM EDT

I think Sarah Michelle Gellar was just trying to play the role a little more catatonicy instead of her usual perkinator snarkalating Buffy. When Buffy's tone of voice SERIOUSLY changes is towards the end of season seven. I read somewhere, no clue where- that Sarah wasn't feeling too hot towards the end of shooting season seven, and it really sounds like she has a cold. The episode that jumps out at me is 'The Killer In Me'... The whole Kennedy/Willow tea thing bugs me... I just want to reach into the screen and pass the cup of tea to Sarah. Honestly, someone should have gotten that girl some neocitran. Poor Sarah.

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