us or uk??

what's going on all the shows i watch in the uk now have American doubles! cool now i get to watch them again though i hope there done well god knows sometimes copying formats goes horribly wrong!

it will be weird watching similar stories but set some where else

the uk version of life on mars was brilliant its a little disappointing to hear the us version is getting bad reviews i was looking forward to watching it, and the idea behind the show is a good one


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Aug 30, 2008 10:43PM EDT

Oh dear! Why don't they just air the Uk version of the show? It is a proven success, won loads of awards and had huge viewing figures. I hate it when they do US remakes that turn out to be rubbish (exception being the remake of The Office which was good). It belittles the work of the original.
Imagine if we tried to do a UK remake of Friends or Ugly betty- it would be hideous and so we don't. We show the originals.

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