Old King Clancy

Teaser: Ted, after delivering a presentation on his most inspired design work, which involves a rooftop Zen garden and a reflecting pool, brags about it in a fake phone call in the elevator. Unfortunately, the cute blonde tells him the project was scrapped a month ago.

At the bar, where the gang is trying to find out Robin’s mystery Canadian hook-up, Ted finds out that Barney and Marshall staged the meeting to save him from feeling bad. (Flashback to the project manager telling Barney and Marshall to tell Ted the job was gone, due to the economy. They decide at the bar that they should lie to Ted—the guy’s had a tough year. Marshall tries to tell a good lie about his spaceship but folds under the pressure of being asked what kind of spaceship it is. Barney makes up a pony named Dandelion who is sick due to chemical spill in the drinking water. Marshall falls for it at first, until Barney reminds him that it’s a lie, and then Marshall realizes that Dandelion probably isn’t even sick at all.) So, as a team of schemers, they bribe Roy the janitor, Luisa the lunch lady and Arthur the one-man-band and his squirrel assistant with 50 dollars to look very interested. (They also made up the company’s softball team.)

Ted is outraged at being lied to by his friends, but Barney reminds him of comedy night, where he lied and said that Marshall did great in his comedy act about fish. (The joke is a list of fish, from trout to halibut).

Meanwhile, Robin only agrees to tell the group which Canadian celebrity she performed a sexual act with if they correctly guess the celebrity, the item he collected, and the sex act. An overexcited Lily swallows too much air and hiccups as she and Barney google Canadian terms and positions.

Back at work, Ted moves on to another project building an ETR (Employee Transition Room) where employees are fired. Barney has had plenty of experience in the room, doing the firing. Most people lunge him at from across the table, the older ones swing chairs, and some of them lunge across the table after having sex underneath. While Ted is supposed to redo the same existing room two floors up, he decides to adds his own touch, with a rebirth tranquility hallway that leads to an oval office with a grief counselor, next to the rebirthing fountain. He gets fired in the existing ETR.

At the bar, Robin reveals her celebrity tumble, in Canadian terms that no one understands. (The Frozen Snowshoe, with the Harvey’s Trays, doing the Old King Clancy.) The Old King Clancy is the sex act. It involves maple syrup.

After Barney laments that Canada ruins everything, and wonders why we let it be a country, Ted joins them at the bar, telling them he has quit, because he can’t work for heartless corporates anymore. Barney calls him out on the fact that he was really fired by his firm. Ted confesses, but says he is actually grateful. He’s done his most inspired work on those projects and has decided to start his own firm. (In this economy?!--Marshall slips in).

The last scene shows Robin with a mass of curly hair stepping into a ski lodge swanked up with a leather couch, looking at the orange trays they give out at Harvey’s, a diner crucial for roadtrippers. She pulls out a jar of maple syrup from her purse and propositions “Shoe,” the pro wrestler with an Old King Clancy. His response: He thinks she should leave.


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