They are all human after all...

This episode of the "Realm of the Basses" is exactly what it states, Chuck and his problems which are getting dire and dire by the minute. However, the good part about this is how grown up Blair is becoming and how she's finally opening up to a guy she really loves. If chuck did not have Blair to hold him down from his drowning insanity/grief, he wouldn't have anyone. Blair is the strong girl, protecting her lover from his worst enemy, himself.

Dan and Serena are back together, how sweet, however, again, it may not last for long since Dan finds out about his dad and Serena's moms illegitimate child she gave away. What will happen after Serena finds out that not only did their parents love(d) each other, they also shared a sibling?! As Chuck said, that's even too much for him.

Gossip Girl is in many ways getting better and better, some fans might be dissapointed that it is becoming less gossipy and more human drama but you can't deny that it isn't a good show.

I would like to applaud Blair for growing up and even teaching the High Society Ladies that they should get out of "high school". Blair is definitely now fast becoming one of the only characters that is getting balanced, she knows what she is capable of, she knows what her priorites are, and she knows who she cares about the most.


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