the hills

episode 9 i liked im so glad holly(heidi's sis) stood up 2 spencer... he is an ass and shud b pushd of a cliff he is so rude 2 every1 including heidi's sis and mam and he treats heidi like shit!! im not heidi's biggest fan but after watching that episode and see her reach out 2 lauren again shows she means it and id love if she dumpd the ass and bcame friends with lauren again!!.... spencer shud do every1 a favour and drop off the face of the earth!!!!=]

i hate stephaine ud no she was related 2 spencer she is a bitch and lauren shud get rid of her she cant b trustd.... audrina needs 2 stay with cody not justin.... lauren and brody need 2 get back 2gether!!!!.... finally has any1 noticed that lo isnt been a bitch anymore and her and audrina are gettn along!!!


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