NCIS - Not Coming In Second

This show was highlighted to me by a friend with some questionable tastes including post season 4 buffy but after catching up with the show and having watched the last couple of Series' as they came out I have to give the man his kudos. With the exception of perhaps Bones this show is an original attempt at this genre. On paper the whole show shouldn't work, its 'jumping on the CSI band wagon' with the use of a slightly different agency shouldn't work, it should seem samey, well trodden ground and yet it has a style and quirkiness all of its own. Hell I even like the flash forwards which totally shouldn't work and should completely break the tension and yet they don't!

I'm a reviewer who normally likes to give a show a good grilling and when comming to write this one I had thought I would have a large amount to throw out but on reflection I have very little to moan about (not that this will stop me). But for now lets stick to the positives, firstly the team. The rock, the man, the leader, the father figure, the omniprescent unshakably Gibbs (first name unnecessay). At first I wasn't sure about the character but now I get, I understand and I admire. I simply had to look at the guy through the eyes of Dinozzo the best character in the show (in my humble opinion) without him it wouldn't work. The way he see's Gibbs and such a paternal figure is heart warming, the sexual tension with Ziva is intriuging (though how she can continue to convince everyone she's not interested with her 'its just because he's my partner that I worry' line is beyond me) and the male banter and responsibility he feels for McGee is hilarious. As Dinozzo would happily boast himself, this is the Dinozzo show.

But this is also its greatest flaw...I don't care about any of the other characters. He's the only one with any depth. As for Goth Girl and Stereotypical British Bones sorry your not worth the space the show gives you, it needs more drive, we need an over-arcing storyline which delivers. So far none have. A show which has the potential to include so many storylines which can be intense, sexy and funny are all lost in a show which isn't sure what it wants to be. A blend of Bones, CSI, and the Unit the show needs a case of its own, one that when Gibbs tells them to grab their gear you feel like the gear they take might actually be a useful addition. Luckily the other best show in this genre is suffering from similar driving problems (Bones) but although I'm not sure which will come in first I'm loosing faith NCIS will even make second.


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