all i can say is...WOW

From the beginning of finale to the end, i was speechless! That was the best finale I could've hoped for, it even had "My Life would Suck Without You", which I thought would be an amazing song for Rachel and Finn, but regardless it fit the episode ending perfectly. Way to go, Glee! You've restored my faith in television series. You fought the boring reality shows and vampire craze this year and came out on top. You ended this decade the way Sex and The City and Six Feet Under started it: amazing! Can't wait for the new seriously, can't wait!


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Jan 25, 2010 9:37PM EST

I love glee and have not hated a single episode this season. That is until the season finale. The acting was fantastic on all sides but im going too be honest the only reason why i watch this show is because of the singing and the songs in this mid season finale were absolutely terrible. Not all terrible rachel's rain on my parade was fantastic as well as mercedes your gonna love me. But the group numbers which are my personal favorite part and the most unique thing about this show were terrible. They were boring and annoying. I was so excited to find out what their final song would be and it turns out to be "you cant always get what you want" which was not in itself awful but come on they couldnt have sung a better song??? It was so anti climactic i wanted to kick someones ass. And then the final song was even more anti climactic. I hated this finale and desperately hope that the next season has a better finale. I still love this show however despite the abyssmal finale.

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