Lazarus Ruzing = Awesome!!!

I have been patiently waiting all summer for the return of Supernatural, and like the rest of you I was so stoked that the day was finally here. I eagerly awaited 8pm so that I could once again rejoin my beloved Winchester Brothers on their journey with the battle between good and evil. The first 5 minutes were great seeing Dean get out of his grave (good move Sammy on that part, no salt and burn for Dean). I also liked seeing Bobby and Sam be skeptical that is was really Dean, I mean this is Supernatural and well you never know. This episode did have a lot of surprises and things that you didn't see coming (Kripke is genius) I was so surprised when Sam used his powers. Even though he lied about it to Dean that is still one pretty cool power to have I mean he doesn't even really need a weapon! Although I have to admit that I don't really like Ruby's new meat, Katie Cassidy played the role much better with more sarcasim and more confidence. So what's the new big bad of this season well we'll just have to wait and see. Lilith is still in the picture but now apparently we have a new big good? Hopefully we'll get more answers as the season continues...and maybe we'll get to see what really happened to Sam while Dean was away. Al in all I think this is going to be a very good season.



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Sep 19, 2008 3:43PM EDT

Hmmm, I agree. Katie did a very good job, but maybe the "New Meat" will come along just fine if she doesn't have to hide from Dean.
The new big bad? Well, maybe papa Winchester wasn't so far off base about Sammy, or maybe Lazarus is just "Lucifer" in disguise. He did have wings at one point, 'ya know? It's still hard to think that they actually went there with the whole "God" thing though.
Big good? Since when does Supernatural have that? I think it's just another day in the turned up lives of the Winchester boys.


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Sep 19, 2008 10:03PM EDT

Um....the reference to "Lazarus Rising" is from the Bible....Dean rose from the dead the way Lazarus did? The name of the episode totally gave away that Dean was going to rise from the dead and implicated God might have something to do with it....And the "angel's" (quotations b/c we don't know yet) name was Castiel.
Totally could be Satan, though. Good point.
And I'm hating the new girl. She was so annoying in that show "Wild Fire". She just couldn't act. It was like watching a female Hayden Christensen without the facial expressions....awful. I was hoping that I'd never see her in anything again....The only minus I would give this episode. I think she's going to suck regardless.

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