Little Orphan Chuck

Awww, you can't help but to feel sorry for Chuck Bass. He was already in a bad place with his father being so distant and pushing him away, now he doesn't even have a chance for Bart to come to his senses and embrace him. Even though he has his selfish and vindictive ways, he still shows he has more compassion than his Dad ever had. I just hope he will not be crazed with revenge and someone will be abkle to reach him before he does something crazy.

And what the heck is up with this big secret Lily is trying to hide? Okay, so I understand that she was pregnant by Rufus back in the day but why is that so terribly scandalous? I mean, did she give birth and give it away? Or was it an abortion? If it was an abortion, okay, it happened a million years ago, get over it already!

And is it me or is Jenny getting a little annoying? She is the most meddling and stubborn little girl I have ever seen!?!? No 15 year old should be able to get away with eveything this little girl has pulled, if she was my child she'd be on permanant lock down! LOL She'd be on punishment until she is 30!

Sereena is just as darn confused. She and Dan really need to move the heck on!

And thats all I have to say about that! LOL


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