Supernatural - The Story So Far...

I've been a huge fan of Supernatural since its birth in fire and deamon blood in season one. The reason's for its huge popularity? Its duality. Good, Evil. Right, Wrong. Hell, Heaven. Maybe even deamons and angels but as Supernatural loves showing us, not everything is how it seems. Are these Angels really getting their orders from God? Is everything as it seems, as dean would say 'no way our lucks changed' and i'd been inclined to agree. Though what does it matter!? Whatever the forces its the two brothers; Dean the bad boy, cowboy out to raise a little hell aslong as he can send it right back down again and Sam, the inner tormented, moral compass, deamon slaying Jedi, will get through it together. On their constant seesaw trying desperately to keep the other up to the downfall of the other. So what happens to this when one is angling for the darkside as right and wrong start to fracture (as they so obviously will begin to) and the other has to lead an army of angels to stop lucifer from rising? Show down? Tormented Brothers out to save the world finding themselves standing on either side of the same coin? Will Dean bring Sam back from the brink? Will Sam be able to turn his powers to the saving of all? Because who else thinks that maybe, just maybe, the last of the 66 locks can only be opened by a human? Not a deamon? Sam's role perhaps?


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