The beast that doesn't know itself....

I've been a huge fan of this amazing series since the first days of baby neck breaking cylons and hearing nothing but the rain with Starbuck. The first and second seasons we were treated to this tense action chase. The chances of survival were slim, and keeping some humanity within that survival even slimmer. The Cylons were cold, concise killers, taking the land of their fathers with a Crusade to discover themselves. The heart of Galactica was; Lee Adama, a pilot, a hero and a constant moral compass. Starbuck, a brave, fastest gun in the west, wise talking, no holes barred, pain in the XO's ass soldier with a point to prove. Adama a man with a mission, a father of one, two, three or even a whole fleet. Agathon a man on the run, a man in love with the wrong girl, a man of honour. Gaius Baltar, a selfish, out for himself, cold spectrum of all the worst parts of each of us and yet a survivor.

And so perhaps i should have left Battlestar here, at the end of season two, happy in my world. Don't get me wrong i love some of the scenes later on. The Battlestar crashing through the air with fighters firing like flaming arrows from its under belly before jumping away. The Pegasus slamming into basestars all in the name of Adama bravery. Drawing a line with salt and crossing it. Boxing matches. Hell i'll even give you finding the final four cylons. But these are stars in a fading sky. Great this is a scifi show for people who don't normally like scifi...but this started as a scifi show, it was always escapism, beautiful scenes, heart wrenching self sacrifices, evil and good, space battles and bravery. I get the questions its asking about terrorism, religion, politics, the meaning of life. Fantastic, insightful....boring. Lee is out of the cockpit. Starbuck has lost the taste for fraking men and cylons out of the sky. Adama is a love sick puppy. Agathon when he's not moaning or riding the fence on whatever huge issue is happening is torn between his love for cylon and his uniform. And Gaius, well he's still a coward, but now he's a pretentious know it all, who everyone seems to be listening to! Don't even get me started on Tie or the Chief.

So what do i want from season 5? The evil cyclons (not the rebels) find earth, lay claim. Galactica and its crew stand between them and the last free world in the universe. Admiral Adama gives his life and the battlestar in the last minutes of the battle. Tie, Gaius and Athena turn to the darkside giving Agathon the choice he needs. Apollo and Starbuck, frak have babies and get back in the fighters they were born in to save planet earth. And the last cylon? Our Precious President Roslin will die. Enough with the shades of grey, bring back the adreneline which made this show so good!


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Jan 13, 2009 7:21AM EST

About 3 weeks ago, I decided to watch the 3 hour miniseries for the first time and it blew my mind. Having never watched an episode of the show before, I then dove into season 1. Once again, it was incredible. Same thing with season 2.
Currently, I am on episode 2 of Season 3 and I have to say that I feel like I may begin to start feeling the same as you in this matter.
This whole slave encampment thing just doesn't fit what I've become accustomed to for this show.

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