Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

Tony Stark gets the Saturday morning cartoon treatment, with Comic-Con serving as the launching pad for Iron Man: Armored Adventures. IGN TV was front and center for a screening of Shellhead's first animated adventure, as well as a surprise second episode to reward us for getting up so early. (Trust us, anything before 10am in San Diego is cruel and unusual.)

The central conceit of this very polished, very slick animated series is "What if Tony Stark, teenager, repaired his own heart, put on the Mark III, went to high school, and learned how to be a hero?" A surprisingly original take that capitalizes on the Marvel character's recent live-action success.

The narrative, minus the above logic lapses, is above-average for a show aimed at kids. Yes, there is a lot of exposition, and yes, Pepper is obnoxiously delivering all of it, but overall, the story works. The characterizations are rich and not watered down, and the drama therein seems aimed to satisfy adults while not alienating the target audience. We also like that there is a mythology in play, an ambitious one at that, and look forward to seeing that develop.

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