Since the first pilot episode debut, someone said it looked like an over-priced pilot. That can either mean this show is really bad and they just want to suck you in to earn ratings, or is a really good show idea and was given mad amount of money to rack in the viewers. Since yesterday was the final episode until the show airs again in April, I figure why not write a 1/2 review.

So far this TV show has got me hook, line, and sinkerd to my sofa. I can not speak for others but those who like shows that make you think about past episodes(i.e. Lost) then this show isnt half bad. It has many twist and turns that I can not wait and see how they answer many questions. So Far I would give this TV Show a 9 out of 10...nothing in this world is perfect. But I would like to say that the short commericals is a huge plus.


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