Season 3 R3VIEW.

Now that Season 3 is over, I thought about writing a little review on how the show doing up to this point, enjoy.

[Spolier Alert].

Well up to this point, we have learned little to nothing more about the person/people who burned them other then upper management is a old govermenet offical who has been protecting him and his family from the people of past missions. We also got a glimpse into Micheal's past by a visit from his ex-fiancee. The show is trying to stretch out the entire story because of how widely popular ths show has become, remember that this show was a summer show along with In Plain Sight, and Psych...which all three being better then what they origianlly thought. With Burn Notice, once Micheal finds the person who burns him it would be tough to continue on with the show since this is the main plot. I guess they could go on with it, but it may loose that feel of do I really need/want to watch this. Take a look at Prison Break, the main plot was breaking out of a prison and after the first 2 just tanked. This season was filled with some good shows, and deserves the 9/10 for the season. The ending with him taking his chances by jumping out of the heli, will only add to the plot.


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