Naruto is a anime that is targeted towards the younger crowd but it seems to appeal to a much wider crowd(myself included). There are many love/hate things about this show, and it blends very well that you see the reasons behind the success of this show. The chemistry each character brings is just brilliant, the determination of Naruto becoming Hokage seems very plain and easy but turns out into an amazing goal to accomplish. If your tempted to watch it, but don't You will enjoy every episode. It has its comedic moments like any anime should and the ninja on ninja battles are always fun to watch in itself.



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May 11, 2016 2:43PM EDT

I haven`t seen the US version of the anime, but I wouldn`t say it was targeted towards a younger crowd... I have watched every episode of Naruto so far, and read all of the manga, and I have to say: the characters in the series are developed more than in most books we read nowadays, and the dept of every character doesn't stop to amaze me...
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For instance, the death of Asuma and the effect it had on Shikamaru is something I haven`t seen lately... The Kakashi side story, the story of how he lost his best friend Obito just touches your heart... And it is how the characters still have joy in them afther all that has happened to them that doesn`t stop to amaze me... They all fight for a king... the unborn children of the Fire Country... The noble shinobi of Konoha... Each with pain and joy in their hearts, each with diferent goals... the bonds that they make...the bonds they sever so they could find themselves... it`s just... amazing...

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Oct 22, 2008 5:13PM EDT

not to menchen that there huge in there teens all of them

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