season 4:ep#7 "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"

The name says it all. This episode was more about faith than anything.The bible often refers to God testing the faith of his followers. In this episode the Angels passed-following God's orders even when they didn't seem to make sense and could open the very doors of Hell. Dean passed because he believed that the way doesn't justify the means and wouldn't allow Sam to use his demon powers even to please God with victory. Sam failed. In the end I think that God and Satan are just having one of their contests and it will come down to a test of which is more important to humans Power or Love.The chosen one for both sides of this game is Sam. Dean is God's weapon as Ruby was Satan's for influencing Sam to choose a side. My favorite scene was when Castiel chose to shake hands with Sam letting his heart rule over his head.


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Nov 6, 2008 3:48PM EST

Sam didn't fail in my book. He saved everyone...just not in the way that "god" supposedly commanded. Fact is, Sammy can't help who he is. Without his powers, regardless of where they came from, worse things would surely have happened.It sort of reminds me of Harry Potter right if being a Mudblood (under Supernatural's terms) defines Sam's intentions, personality or capabilities...I know that the show's angling for Sam to be Mr. Demonic while Dean is Mr. Angelic, but the brothers are too alike and share to strong a bond to be convincingly pitted against each other for long.Regardless of their duties or talents, in the end they will put one another and the good of others first. This will never change.And Sam meeting Castiel was great...but Cas and Uriel should probably be kinder to him - he's always been so faithful and they've ruined that somehow. If anything pushes our littlest Winchester to "the dark side," it's treatment like that, not his demon powers.

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