Mixed pot

The premise of the show and the storylines are fascinating and quite refreshing, and that is the best part about this show. BUT, there's one (or three, actually) huge flaw: other than Luke, the other three lead characters irritate the hell out of me.

Rupert is an ass, and his incessent doomsday warnings really grate on my nerves. There is not an ounce of understanding for Luke's position, he seems to be quite ignorant in all matters other than shooting off a gun, and I don't really understand his purpose, as Mina and Luke seem to do all the work while he stands around, throws tantrums and push Luke around.

Mina's quite interesting, but strangely emotionless. More irritatingly, her role in the show is never explained. Is she part of the team? And since when is Mina Harker clairvoyant/psychic/whatever-the-hell she is?

Ruby. She probably irritates me the most. She's whiny, is hopelessly in love with Luke and is not shy about throwing herself at him, and otherwise completely useless. What happened to quirky, USEFUL sidekicks?

Having said all that, I do think its a very interesting show. Huge potential, which is why I'm still watching, but keeping my fingers crossed that either the director or the actors themselves restraint their acting a little. Also, Luke is very very [very] dishy =D


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