Wait and see: Gender bender

Is anyone else as unsatisfied with the whole baby gender thing as me? I know its the PP-GA way to link patients with whatever is happening in their lives, but this one's really off.

Yes, Archer is a manwhore that nothing, not even a brush with death can change, but that doesn't mean the same applies to the baby??!!?

Waiting and seeing, as it were, is totally stupid for a gender bender baby. To me, its not about giving the baby a chance to be what is, whatever that is. Its called HEDGING YOUR BETS.

By leaving the baby as it is, they are not giving the baby the full opportunity of growing up as a single gender, but leaving the baby in limbo. How much harder will it be for the baby to turn around when its in its teens? Isn't it easier to assign a gender, give the baby every possible chance of taking that gender, and hope for the best?

What is the most important is the parent's mindset. They have to know what the gender assignment is at best a guess, and prepare themselves to accept whatever decision their child chooses to make in the future. But as yet, they HAVE to give the child every possible chance, and not just sit on the fence and hope everything turns out fine. Pffft.


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