OK so from the episode 'GOING UNDER' we finally get a hint of what tombstone 2 is all about and from that im guessin that the real buyer is Micheal and Lincs mother. Remember when micheal was 1st diagnosed the docs said that what he had was very rare, and as we know already lincoln revealed that thier mom had the same condition. I realised the connection when sara asked the general whether any1 had survived the brain surgery that micheal was having to which he replied that the person lived a very long life. my suspicions were further more confirmed when lincoln revealed that their mum worked for the company.

So it's pretty safe to say that the few remainig parts of the season will be concentrated around the bros mom and what her agenda is and retaining scylla. i'm guessin that shes probably gettin revenge for what the company did to her husband/ family etc. who knows but what a shock it will be when they findout shes alive.

btw. the look on micheals face when he woke up after flatlining was hilarious...i love wentworth miller the 3rd (lol i love his name) but that was some shiteous unemotinal acting..looool

loved the scenes with micheal and westmoreland..nice to see that the writers exploring micheals intelligence again.


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Dec 17, 2008 5:27AM EST

Wow i hope your theory is correct and i think it is! this will be a fantastic twist to the plot line!!! will licoln work for or against his mother. its kind of sad really, cuz he is doing it "for his family"! wait till he finds out he is actually going to come head to head with his MOM!!!
i really love lincoln and i hate it when the show makes him look like a bad guy, what ever happens i hope he is on the good side at the end and i hope michael and lincoln eventually get what they want!!! then i can sleep in peace!
also the westmoreland scenes were good, but they should have got more past characters to make an appearance, like tweener, michaels dad, etc...just to remind him why he did all this in the first place and to give him the extra drive to finish it once and for all.
or they could have had westmoreland taking him to revisit things that happened in the past, so for example his and westmoreland's "ghosts" standing by watching him in the medical room, in season 1, with sarah when he first fell in love with her...just to show him one of the reasons he should carry on fighting! that would have been cool!!!(although not original!)
Love P.B!!!!!!!

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